Our Seniors at Risk

Our society has an elderly population that is the most medicated in history. As life spans and care improve we are placing a mental burden on those that we care for. Not only are we asking them to keep track of their medicines, we expect them to to keep their physicians, pharmacists, and family up to date with a dizzying array of names, doses, and schedules.

And society is adding to this burden on our elderly population, and to our overworked healthcare workers tasked with supporting our patients. With an inaccurate or incomplete list of prescriptions for a patient, our providers are often reduced to best guesses on how to treat them. In an age of overworked providers, the pressure to quickly identify risks has never been higher.

So how do we help seniors monitor what medications they have and when they should be taking them? How do we inform emergency care workers, pharmacists, and assisted living workers know in an instant what the truth is? How do we protect patient data while making it easily accessible?

Scriptio is our patented prescription platform that keeps patient data safe, accurate, and instantly available to those authorized users. Scriptio is designed to help seniors manage their prescriptions — and anyone else for that matter. With a goal of keeping patients, doctors, and pharmacists all with a single source of truth, Scriptio is both easy and secure.

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