Medication issues in long term care

As Americans we have a complicated relationship with nursing homes. We want our elderly loved ones to have the care they need. Yet the residents here are often neglected by those who put them there and and provide for them. When the elderly move into these homes, there is the promise that its better for them. The reality is that a majority of these communities are understaffed. This has only gotten worse with the current labor shortages. A recent study found that 99% of nursing… Read More »Medication issues in long term care

Technology concerns for a startup – part 3

Data collection When we last left off, scale was the topic of concern. Picking the right technology for the now, so that it can we can build upon and secure in the future. When selecting technology, we should strive for technology that will have longevity. Or that will not struggle to meet your eventual successful product needs. Modern software development has improved recently, so it often becomes personal preference. These software and platforms are crucial for a responsive service. And almost all systems rely on… Read More »Technology concerns for a startup – part 3