What is Scriptio?

The problem

More than 20% of all senior citizens take five or more prescriptions a day.  91% of those aged 80 or older take on average 22 different prescriptions. This often results seniors having difficulty remembering the names, dosages and when to take their medications.  Many patients rely upon hand written lists to inform their providers of what medications that have been prescribed.

Assisted living and nursing homes face skilled staffing shortages that can negatively impact their ability to accurately deliver the correct medications.  In one study, over 800 adverse drug events were recorded, where over 40% were preventable.  A major problem is keeping accurate records of what medication a patient should be receiving, something that varies between facilities and health systems.

The Solution

4DA has developed the Scriptio platform for helping to track patient controlled substance prescriptions in a secure and reliable manner.  As a vendor neutral solution, we can safely, and without commercial bias, accurately provide a patient’s pharmaceutical history.  Regardless of pharmacy or insurance provider, Scriptio allows physicians, pharmacists, and emergency providers immediate and secure access to medical records.  These secure records allow quick and accurate analysis as well as validation to patients’ health status.  With Scriptio, a patient’s access to controlled prescription drugs can be validated, restricted, and reported upon.

Not only can Scriptio help with prescriptions, but also manage vaccines, allergies, and over-the-counter supplements.  This data gives a wholistic view for providers to see potential interactions and health concerns.

How Scriptio  works

Utilizing a secure device, a health provider (physician, pharmaceutical, emergency) can retrieve secured records using a revolutionary hardware and software approach.  These records can be retrieved in near-real time from the cloud in almost 99% of the USA.  Because the records are only entered by medical professionals we can be assured of their accuracy.  

Data security is enforced because only the authorized personnel with the Scriptio device can access data that they are allowed to view.  Using your 4DA issued device and scanning it with your mobile phone will present you with the authorized data.

How Scriptio can help

If you are an administrator or worker in a patient setting, Scriptio can help you with efficiently dispensing medications.  Removing the need for paper charts or other outdated mediums Scriptio has all patient data at your finger tips.

If you are a patient, your data is always handy and will help you remember what medications you have been prescribed.   You can share with your provider so they always have an accurate understanding of your health needs.

Let us help you

Contact 4DA for your own demo to see how we can reduce prescription errors and improve the quality of care for your prescription patients.  We will keep your data confidential, never selling or publicizing it.