On Being Grateful

Living in this age with all the amazing medical and technology advances, it’s easy to take it all for granted. In our mobile phones we hold incredible technology and information. Our televisions keep us informed of world events 24 X 7. And our prescriptions keep pain and symptoms at bay. Yet for most of us, how often do we think back on all this?

As we age or become consumed with so much information, all these wonderful gifts can be overwhelming. This is especially true when we consider the amount of medical information we request people to remember. We are grateful for the medication that makes us feel better or extend life. But we struggle to remember all the names. We are grateful for the doctors who see to us. But get frustrated when we have to recall all the medication that has been prescribed. Our elderly are grateful for their heart medication. But they fear forgetting what and when they are to take it. Our assisted living facilities are grateful they can provide reliable care. But they struggle with labor shortages and mistakes that might cost lives. Our hospitals are grateful for the ability to treat patients. But they often resort to guessing what medication they can give to the unconscious patient.

4DA was created out of a need to address these fears. We exist to help patients, providers, and organizations manage prescriptions and more. Our company focus has always been on providing a way to help others, to show the gratitude we have for our loved ones, and the ability to provide a simple way to provide managed prescription data.

We are grateful for your time to read this. We want you to know that 4DA is resolute in its mission to provide security and peace of mind.

Thank you…