Observations from a dental office

So many elderly patients would come into the dentist office and not knowing or remembering what medicines they are taking, so it is hard for the dentist to treat and prescribe medication the patient may need. We either have to call their doctor or the patients have to call the doctor to get an accurate and up to date list of medicines that they are taking. So with Scriptio, patient will have automatic access to their medications on their app for convenience and time saving for both the dentist and patient. Some patients when filling out their medical history would know what medicine they are taking for, such as for diabetes or heart disease, but they do not know or remember the name of the medicine. Therefore we would need to call the doctor to verify what was prescribed to the patients and if it’s up to date.

Amanda Dao Clark, DDS is a founding partner at 4DA. Bringing over 20 years of patient treatment, she offers a unique medical provider perspective.