What is Scriptio?

Where did Scriptio come from?  Let us share the story from our CEO, David Clark:

In 2018, my step-mother had 28 different prescriptions. My father had 21 medications. One day after a round of doctor office visits, he called in frustration to explain how he carried around a thumb drive with a spreadsheet of all their prescriptions. At each doctor’s office, he would present it to each medical provider so they could update their records. I spoke with my cousin, who is a pharmacist, and he explained that was not even an unusually high number of medications. Even more shocking was that neither pharmacists nor physicians had even a moderate level of confidence knowing all the medications any person was prescribed unless the patient informed them.

With a background in healthcare software engineering, I started work on a prescription tracker product, Scriptio. I partnered with two pharmacists and a medical sales professional to form 4DA, Inc. Together we found that there was not, until now, a vendor-neutral, affordable way to track a patient’s prescriptions. With security as a guiding principle, we developed a simple concept to allow patients, physicians and pharmacists to know at any time, in any condition, what medications the patient has been prescribed and fulfilled.

Pharmaceutical prescriptions affect millions of Americans each day. Currently there is no universal approach for confirming which medications a patient has been prescribed and possibly fulfilled at multiple pharmacies.  This causes problems for elderly patients who cannot remember which prescriptions they have from multiple providers.  It also causes problems for pharmacists who may not be aware of any interactions.

Scriptio solves these problems by accurately and securely keeping track of a patients prescriptions. This information can be quickly retrieved by authorized providers and even the patients themselves.