David Clark

Technology concerns for a startup – part 3

Data collection When we last left off, scale was the topic of concern. Picking the right technology for the now, so that it can we can build upon and secure in the future. When selecting technology, we should strive for technology that will have longevity. Or that will not struggle to meet your eventual successful product needs. Modern software development has improved recently, so it often becomes personal preference. These software and platforms are crucial for a responsive service. And almost all systems rely on… Read More »Technology concerns for a startup – part 3

Technology concerns for a startup – part 2

Moving from prototype to scale There is an old adage in technology that prototype code always ends up in production. What might have started out as a nice proof-of-concept, eventually ends up serving real customers and accumulating technical debt. There are many reasons for this but the end result is that this code was rarely designed to scale, be secure, or be extensible. This code becomes the IT skeleton-in-the-closet, joked about and even used to shame. While it is necessary to get to market quickly,… Read More »Technology concerns for a startup – part 2

Technology concerns for a startup – part 1

Starting a company is exciting, intimidating, and requires considerable thought about the desired marketplace. When the company, like 4DA, is a technology focused entity, additional concerns become a primary focus.  Adding to the complexity is when the market is healthcare and its many concerns around HIPAA, PCI, and EHR concerns.  There are many variables that influence direction of a company, as well as the ability to enter a market rapidly.   Is time to market crucial?  How about funding for the tech skills needed to… Read More »Technology concerns for a startup – part 1

On Being Grateful

Living in this age with all the amazing medical and technology advances, it’s easy to take it all for granted. In our mobile phones we hold incredible technology and information. Our televisions keep us informed of world events 24 X 7. And our prescriptions keep pain and symptoms at bay. Yet for most of us, how often do we think back on all this? As we age or become consumed with so much information, all these wonderful gifts can be overwhelming. This is especially true… Read More »On Being Grateful

Our Seniors at Risk

Our society has an elderly population that is the most medicated in history. As life spans and care improve we are placing a mental burden on those that we care for. Not only are we asking them to keep track of their medicines, we expect them to to keep their physicians, pharmacists, and family up to date with a dizzying array of names, doses, and schedules. And society is adding to this burden on our elderly population, and to our overworked healthcare workers tasked with… Read More »Our Seniors at Risk