Dao Clark

Medication issues in long term care

As Americans we have a complicated relationship with nursing homes. We want our elderly loved ones to have the care they need. Yet the residents here are often neglected by those who put them there and and provide for them. When the elderly move into these homes, there is the promise that its better for them. The reality is that a majority of these communities are understaffed. This has only gotten worse with the current labor shortages. A recent study found that 99% of nursing… Read More »Medication issues in long term care

Observations from a dental office

So many elderly patients would come into the dentist office and not knowing or remembering what medicines they are taking, so it is hard for the dentist to treat and prescribe medication the patient may need. We either have to call their doctor or the patients have to call the doctor to get an accurate and up to date list of medicines that they are taking. So with Scriptio, patient will have automatic access to their medications on their app for convenience and time saving… Read More »Observations from a dental office