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Managing Prescriptions


What we Do

Patient Safety

Patient medication information is easy shared with medical ecosystem. Patients can track their own medication.

Prescription Management

Scriptio helps medical providers manage patient medications regardless of location or system.


Patented security model keeps patient data safe from those unauthorized access. Security is built in and our #1 priority.

Cost Savings

We help pharmaceutical companies perform real-time audits they can always know where drugs are going.

7000 - 9000

people die each year from prescription mistakes that could be prevented. 750 senior citizens are hospitalized each day from medication errors.


of senior citizens take on average 20+ prescriptions. 53% of adults report getting prescriptions from multiple providers.

$ 40 B +

The U.S. spends more than $40 billion each year on patients who have been affected by medication errors.


currently no universal system for health care providers and patients to manage prescriptions


What does Scriptio does:


Scriptio securely stores prescription and patient data for quick and authorized usage.


Simple mobile Access

Scriptio uses advanced mobile technologies such as geofencing, encryption, and authentication to restrict data access to authorized users.


Improved Management

Prescription data can be quickly authorized and fulfilled.  Anonymous data allows pharmacy companies to know where their drugs are going. Pharmacists can be confident that a patients records are accurate and help prevent mistakes.


Data accessibility

 Scriptio can quickly provide data to determine patient needs in virtually any location in the United States.  At least 99% of American people will have access to prescription data.

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