Bridging Prescription Management

Helping patients

Reducing pharmaceutical costs

Managing Prescriptions


What we Do

Scriptio provides instant and accurate patient health information via its patented secure mobile platform.
Patient Safety

Provide data about existing medication to prevent pharmaceutical accidents in hospitals and pharmacies. Patients can track their own medication.

Prescription Management

Scriptio helps providers and pharmacists manage patient medications and their frequency regardless of location or system.


Secure data, access, and monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to patient data. Patented security model to keep patient data safe from those not authorized.

Cost Savings

Billions of dollars have been spent on lawsuits from the inability to track drugs. Pharmacies waste money re-filling prescriptions and fighting fraud.

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people died from prescription mistakes and overdoses that could be prevented. Medication errors deaths result from 1 in 131 outpatients.


of senior citizens take on average 20+ prescriptions. 53% of adults report getting prescriptions from multiple providers.

4.38B +

annual prescriptions costing $344B with $3B in waste and fraud.


currently no universal system for health care providers and patients to manage prescriptions


What does Scriptio do


Scriptio securely stores prescription and patient data for quick and authorized usage.


Simple mobile Access

Scriptio uses advanced mobile technologies such as geofencing, encryption, and authentication to restrict data access to authorized users.


Improved Management

Prescription data can be quickly authorized and fulfilled.  Anonymous data allows pharmacy companies to know where their drugs are going. Pharmacists can be confident that a patients records are accurate and help prevent mistakes.


Data accessibility

 Scriptio can quickly provide data to determine patient needs in virtually any location in the United States.  At least 99% of American people will have access to prescription data.

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